[PD] editing with text and with the GUI

alex norman spammeillkillyou at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 21 20:42:10 CEST 2003

I've been making this patch that requires a bunch of
$0-blah as send symbols for sliders.
I didn't realise that until just now so I used vi to
turn all the blah1 blah2 (actually stuff like osc1_cut
osc2_pw etc) to $0-blah1 $0-blah2 etc.
the thing is I used the GUI first to just edit 3 of
the sliders send symbols to be $0-blah etc, but then i
decided to do the rest in vi, which worked great
when I go back into the patch the ones that i edited
in the GUI show up as $0-blah but the ones that I
edited in vi change to 1000-blah... so when i save
them they change to 1000-blah and when i open them up
again they are 1000-blah (so they won't adapt).
any ideas?


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