[PD] Mac OSX externals

Willem Paling willem at sydneyfriction.com
Fri Aug 22 11:07:38 CEST 2003


As I mentioned in an earlier post to this list, I am setting up PD in the 
labs at my University on MacOSX.
This is basically just for me, as I am completing one assignment with Flash 
and PD, nobody else in the labs use it.

As I use windows at home, I tried using the one windows box they had 
available, but the onboard sound wouldn't work with PD.

I was able to get it running on MacOSX, then loaded up my patch, but found 
that some of the externals I was using weren't there...particularly aenv~ 
but also moog~ (that is more easily replaceable for me than aenv~ though)

Can anyone tell me if this is available for OSX? preferably as a binary.
I downloaded the sources and and was looking at the makefile and it 
appeared that I was out of luck.
I would prefer a binary as I've been trying to install Developer Tools, but 
the installer has been quitting and just saying "There has been an error" 
"please try installing again".  So I don't currently have access to a copy 
of MacOSX with a c compiler.

If anyone can help or point me to a possible replacement for aenv~, that 
would be pretty joy...


Willem Paling

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