[PD] philips 680 webcam and pdp

marc_widmer metafor at gmx.net
Sat Aug 23 17:25:30 CEST 2003

hi list

finally after some nice kernelcompiling my usbwebcam is working.
at least in camstream i recieve the images i want.

but if i use the cam with pdp the xv-window is splitted into
two parts a green and a dark green one, no images are visible.
but there are no errors on  the printout.

what could this be?
thx marc
pdp_v4l: opening /dev/video
pdp_v4l: cap: name Philips 680 webcam type 1 channels 1 maxw 640 maxh 
480 minw 128 minh 96
pdp_v4l: picture: brightness 32768 depth 24 palette 15
pdp_v4l: channel 0 name Webcam type 2 flags 0
pdp_v4l: switched to channel 0
pdp_v4l: buffer size 921600, frames 2, offset 0 460800
pdp_v4l: using VIDEO_PALETTE_YUV420P
pdp_v4l: frame 0 0, format 15, width 320, height 240
pdp_v4l: Opened video connection (320x240)
pdp_v4l: detected pwc
watchdog: signaling pd...
pdp_v4l: camera framerate set to 27 fps
pdp_ctrack : reallocated buffers
pdp_xv: autocreate window
pdp_xvideo: grabbed port 103 on adaptor 0

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