[PD] cyclone,vst and counter

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Thu Aug 28 12:19:44 CEST 2003

Andrey Savitsky hat gesagt: // Andrey Savitsky wrote:
> second - the counter object.
> Cyclone library has counter object which exists in GEM lib also with
> the same name.  It means that counter object from GEM in all patches
> was replaced with Cyclone-counter.  but counter from cyclon works in
> another way and unfortunetly i need to change all patches with this
> object.  how to fix it?

Actually this is nor really fixable: You have to decide, which counter
object to use. As cyclone is compatible to Max's counter, in the end
it will probably survive. What I would do is to emulate GEM's counter
with an abstraction that in turn uses cyclones counter (or is a pure
abstraction) then save that as e.g. gem-counter.pd and search and
replace all occurences of counter in your patches to read "gem-counter".

Name clashes are a problem in Pd and should be avoided. The Gem lib
will probably loose more of its not Gem-related externals as well, for
example its reson~. At least they should (and will sooner or later, or
maybe already are?) be moved out of Gem into the pd-externals area.

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