[PD] MIDI rt / clock questions and fixes

Larry Troxler lt at westnet.com
Wed Oct 1 03:00:18 CEST 2003

I've got a few questions about the implementation of "midiclkin" and 

First, there is an error issued that "midirealtimein" doens't work under "NT".
Judging from the ifdef, I think that what this error message really is trying 
to say is that it doesn't work on "Microsoft Windows version NT". That's well 
and good, but I think that, except for a couple of bugs which are OS 
independent, that it works ok on Linux as well.  So I suspect that maybe the 
ifdef is wrong in this case.

Next, the midi realtime object  gets hit for anything >= 0xf8, which means it 
grabs midi clocks as well. Usually I don't care much about efficiency and 
optimisation, but I wonder if this case if it would have been worth it to 
route MIDI clocks to a seperate object.

And indeed there is a "midiclikin" object, but it seems to be an orphan, 
because it is never called from the midi parser! What the heck is up with  

Finally, why on earth, in midi_realtimein, does the pd_list call specify "1" 
as the list length, instead of "2"??

I guess a final issue is why these objects aren't included in the MIDI help 
patch, but I guess the reason is that they were experimental.

Kinda sad becase with a little debugging I think they could be made to work.


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