[PD] audio i/o stuck...??

Soren Bovbjerg bovbjerg at musik.auc.dk
Wed Oct 1 14:39:07 CEST 2003

This error is caused by your sound harware/driver. What soundcard are 
you using? What drivers (ASIO, MME (?)). Try running PD without adc (input).


L Hyland wrote:

> Hi there,
> Im new to pd and experiencing some teething problems...
> If anyone has the time could they possibly help me out?
> Im getting a strange error message when running pd.(version 0.37.0 on 
> Windows 2000)
> Every time I open the program, I get the following error within three 
> to five minutes;
> "audio i/o stuck...closing audio"
> This happens regardless of what patch I have open - infact it even 
> happens when I have no patches open and when pd is the only 
> application running on my machine. I've checked the general audio i/o 
> configuration at it appears to be in order and working fine for all 
> audio apps except pd....
> anyone???

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