[PD] pd/Gem Laptop HW recomondations

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Fri Oct 3 01:51:19 CEST 2003

You could install Debian-powerpc on a PowerBook.  It takes some  
patience to work out the details, but it works.  I have both MacOS X  
and Linux installed on mine.  You can see me playing live using Linux  
and Pd here:


(Ok, there was no reason for that picture, but I was actually using Pd  
on Linux/PowerBook there).


On Thursday, Oct 2, 2003, at 14:01 America/New_York, <ben at ekran.org>  

> Hey All,
> I'm currently researching Laptop HW for pd/Gem studd and wanted to get
> the opinions of the developers/users. The machine should support all  
> the
> future goodies of pd/Gem for the next couple years, including the
> eventual addition of pixel/vertex-shader stuff.
> I've really got two choices, apple powerbook (15") and a PC laptop with
> a Nvidia card under linux. I do think the Radeon 9600 is certainly a
> better card (by far), but for linux I'm stuck with the Nvidia HW  
> because
> they have the only fully-functional drivers.
> I have not found much in PC land that is comparable to the powerbook  
> (in
> terms of graphics performance (is Geforce FX 5600 Go the best?) and  
> size
> to performance ratio.) A laptop that is easily traveled with a nice 15"
> display would be needed. Firewire would be nessesary (but with a  
> chipset
> supported by linux dv1394). Anyone having any recomondations on such a
> PC laptop, preferably from someone who is running linux and Gem on it
> now.
> There are pretty well only 2-3 main things keeping me away from the
> powerbook:
> #1 The PD gui is terrible, the slowest and buggiest tcl/tk of all the
> platforms. :(
> #2 I would prefer to run a fully open-source OS...
> #3 I am doing a lot of serial interface stuff with HW, and until we get
> a keyspan compatible comport object for PD on OSX there is not much I
> can do on that end.
> The HW is really nice, and as far as I can tell the radeon 9600 is way
> ahead of the nvidia 5600 go. But I'm not sure if this is enough to
> offset the issues with the pd gui... (yes I could run GripD, but that  
> is
> a seperate interfacing problem) I can't hardly use my Gem GOPs on OSX
> (512Ram, 733Mhz, Geforce2 MX), compared to great results on my old  
> Duron
> 800 with the same graphics card at home...
> So I'm really torn here, anyone have an suggestions?
> Thanks
> Ben
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