[PD] 0.37 and linux/jack ("official" and CVS)

guenter geiger geiger at xdv.org
Fri Oct 3 15:26:02 CEST 2003


I am going to check whats going on and commit the changes ASAP.

Thanks a lot for your observations.


On Mon, 29 Sep 2003, Luke Yelavich wrote:
> At 12:50 PM 29/09/2003, Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano wrote:
> >Although it can work at less than 512 frames with jack, it quickly
> >becomes unusable. I guess the gui is still tied too closely with the
> >audio processing...
> >
> >One curious behavior I found is this:
> >- start jack (sr=48000)
> >- bring up the test audio panel
> >- start the test tone
> >- stop audio processing
> >- start audio processing
> >- generated test tone goes up in pitch... apparently it thinks it is
> >   processing at 44.1 but jack is running at 48k.
> Yeah, I can reproduce this as well. Something needs to be added to force PD
> to use JACK's sample rate. I might have a dig around in the source to see
> if I can find anything related to this.
> The problem itself goes back to the way PD interfaces with JACK, which is
> IMO dirty. When one starts the audio in PD, a JACK client is created, but
> once the audio stops, the client is completely closed, and all pports
> vanish. My patch only parcially fixes this as the JACK client was not being
> closed properly. A better, more perminant sollution needs to be put in
> place, as once one stops the audio processing, any connections that the
> user may have created are lost.
> This doesn't fix your PortAudio problem however.
> Luke
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