[PD] MIDI rt / clock questions and fixes

Toshinori Ohkouchi ohk at d1.dion.ne.jp
Fri Oct 3 16:25:38 CEST 2003

>NT was the only OS you were able to test on?


>Well, with the one fix I mentioned, midirealtimein works just fine on Linux, 
>If you don't mind, I have some questions:
>You were doing some kind of timing stuff in the midi clock object code. What 
>was that for? Also, do you think that we should put that object back in 
>action? And if so, do you think we should stop sending the clock to the midi 
>realtime object, if the seperate MIDI clock object is working?

Usualy we should receive MIDI CLOCK(0xF8) at [midirealtimin] 
but when we need 0xF8, we will need critical timing.
so I thought it is more better separate 0xF8 and other [MIDI realtime message] 
at source code level than at pd patch level.
midi Sequence START and STOP does not need critical timing.
and few years ago PC spec was still poor.

I made them and I offer it to Mr.Miller at that time.
But keep to compatibility with MAX , It did not implement.
I think we need to consult it with Mr.Miller


Toshinori Ohkouchi
ohk at d1.dion.ne.jp

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