[PD] Multichannel Mixer

e skogen eskogen at usfamily.net
Wed Oct 8 04:53:09 CEST 2003

> remove several "externs/" from the patches with a text editor. I
> think, it is more common to have externals in a path without the extra
> "externs/" prepended.
totally. i was thinking to make it easy to run out of the box, i'd 
include them in the archive and reference them directly. so the user 
could take a stock Pd install, decompress the GYRE archive, and be ready 
to run.

> I do have some suggestions. Well, actually only one: The loop parts of
> gyre would make a fine self contained Graph on Parent patch. This way,
> extending it to use more or less than the six loops in your patch
> would be much easier. I'd figure a patch "gyre.pd" that could be
> called as an abstraction like for example: [gyre loopname] or 
> [gyre-gop loopname]
> Like in the attached example gyre-gop, that would need some work at
> localizing it with $0-vars and inlet/outlets.
yes, that makes it a lot easier to work with. i only decided to avoid 
GOPs because they slow my system and because i wanted to keep the code 
and GUI seperate.

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