[PD] Multichannel Mixer

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Oct 8 11:43:41 CEST 2003


e skogen hat gesagt: // e skogen wrote:

> >I do have some suggestions. Well, actually only one: The loop parts of
> >gyre would make a fine self contained Graph on Parent patch. This way,
> >extending it to use more or less than the six loops in your patch
> >would be much easier. I'd figure a patch "gyre.pd" that could be
> >called as an abstraction like for example: [gyre loopname] or 
> >[gyre-gop loopname]
> >
> >Like in the attached example gyre-gop, that would need some work at
> >localizing it with $0-vars and inlet/outlets.
> >
> yes, that makes it a lot easier to work with. i only decided to avoid 
> GOPs because they slow my system and because i wanted to keep the code 
> and GUI seperate.

Well, GUI and code still *are* seperate when using looper and loader
as in the example GOP. Maybe even more seperate than now. I agree,
that GOPs can be slower, for example if you use a vu meter in them.
But the added flexibility and ease of (re)use for other users is worth
it, IMO.

Actually I'm searching for more generally (re)usable GOP abstractions
for a talk I'm planning for the next linux-audio-dev conference in
spring 2004.  The talk will be called "RRAD-ical Pd - Reusable and
Rapid Audio Development in Pd" and focuses on GOP abstractions. I
anybody's interested I could send a short abstract.

David McCallum is doing great things in this area, I did several
"RRAD" patches but in general there aren't that many useful and
reusable GOPs available. 

Or did I just miss them?
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