[PD] New user question: How to create simple audio delay?

Benjamin Freidlin benjamin at allthecraze.com
Wed Oct 15 07:23:56 CEST 2003

This may seem like a very basic question but I've never used this
program before. 


All I want to do is input my AM radio into my PC and have the audio come
out my PC's speakers between 1 and 4 seconds later.


My need stems from the fact that I watch sports on digital cable which
is delayed to be slower than the radio, so I want to slow the radio
through my PC.


To clarify, I'm not looking for an echo delay effect like with guitars,
but just a straight delay. It would also be good if it were easy to
tweak, since I have to play with it in order to get it lined up with the
TV correctly.


Hopefully this is pretty straightforward to do with pd?


Thanks for the help,



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