[PD] New user question: How to create simple audio delay?

zmoelnig at iem.at zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Oct 16 22:08:16 CEST 2003


Zitiere Benjamin Freidlin <benjamin at allthecraze.com>:
> As an aside, I found this one that works for me, but I'm unable to
> dynamically modify the delay. It seems to be hard coded, but I'm too
> new
> to this to figure out where..
> #N canvas 89 76 450 300 10;
> #X obj 135 75 adc~;
> #X obj 140 212 dac~;
> #X obj 59 118 delwrite~ bufL 20000;
> #X obj 237 118 delwrite~ bufR 20000;
> #X obj 57 165 delread~ bufL 2000;
> #X obj 217 162 delread~ bufR 2000;
> #X connect 0 0 2 0;
> #X connect 0 1 3 0;
> #X connect 4 0 1 0;
> #X connect 5 0 1 1;

well, the 2nd argument to [delwrite~] states the size of the buffer (read: the
maximum delay you can get with this delayline)
the 2nd argument to [delread~] is the current-delay of (this part of) the delayline.
so you have 2000 ms delay of your adc~signal.

you can send a float into the inlet of [delread~] to change the delay-time.
for experimenting, use a number-box (Ctrl-3).

> Based on the script that someone originally posted, this is what I
> have,
> however it doesn't seem to work. Let me ask this, before I run PD, I
> should *not* be hearing anything correct? Currently I hear something
> because the line in volume is up, if I shutoff this volume then I hear
> nothing, but then when I run this script in PD I still don't hear
> anything. I did swap the adc for the osc..

pobably you should turn on the DSP in pd (click on the message box in the
lower-left corner...).
and make sure you have some gain in your mixer for a DSP-process...


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