[PD] IEEE 1394 Vid Capture

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Fri Oct 17 14:47:57 CEST 2003

Actually, I finally found a way to make it work marginally. If you go to http://www.hauppauge.com/html/sw_nt.htm and download the "Video Capture Driver" (it seems to work for all windows, not just NT like it says on the page) you should be able to get windows to recognize the camera at least. After I installed that pix_video_ds recognized the device but crashed as soon as I tried to start rendering anyway. Hopefully you'll have better luck on that part. Plain pix_video does not seem to recognize the driver. Some capturing programs will be able to capture from the device. It's too bad to hear linux is no better on this point, I'm going to start dual booting it this weekend, and had hoped that it wouldn't have this problem. Good luck.

-Ian Smith-Heisters

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> hi
> on my laptop which has firewire (that's the reason why i bought it) i
> haven't
> been able to make dv-cameras work either (both under windoze and
> linux).
> i guess it is just a bad ieee1394-controler (harddisks work fine) and
> there's
> nothing one can do about it....
> mfg.a.sdr
> IOhannes

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