[PD] bad screen distance "pdtk_pd_dio" when loading help-env~.pd ?

Larry Troxler lt at westnet.com
Sat Oct 18 03:21:36 CEST 2003

In the pd console, I get

bad screen distance "pdtk_pd_dio" 

when loading help-env~.pd. In that canvas it seems that two message boxes and 
four numbers, and then a blank rectangle are drawn, and that's it.

This is stuff from CVS aroun pd-devel-0.36, so maybe there's a newer version.

I just thought I'd ask in case anybody has a quick answer to why that help 
file doesn't work, and/or wht the "bad screen distance" error means.

Or another good answer might be another example patch using aenv~ that does 
work. Or just a text description of how to use it.

As always, many thanks in advance.

I only hope that one day I may be able to answer as many questions as  I ask.


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