[PD] Yet more .37 and MIDI madness in WinXP

David NG McCallum david2003 at mentalfloss.ca
Sat Oct 18 12:54:57 CEST 2003

I keep bringing these issues up, but weird things keep happening...

I have 8 MIDI yoke connections, and a Quattro (MIDI 1 in 1 out ). The
yoke devices have been set to the first 8 midi devices with the quattro
set to the 9th.

I'm just doing a simple ctlout and watching the MIDI data that's fed
back into Pd through the yoke devices or out of the Quattro.

So, channels 1-16 (MIDIYoke 1) come back to Pd as 1-16. But channels
17-32 (should be MIDIYoke 2) *also* come back as channels 1-16, and 
everything beyond that continues with that -16 channel offset (ie. 
channel 42 comes back as 26, 70 as 54. etc.) Or I guess you could think 
of it as a -1 device offset.

This goes all the way up to channel 144 which is received as 128 (which
accounts for all the internal MIDI yoke channels), and then beyond that
I get nothing either through the yoke cables, or out of the MIDI ports
of the Quattro (channels 129-144 should be the Quattro). MIDIYoke 
confirms what I'm seeing Pd...

I swear this is really happening.

Back to .36 I go...

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