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Nicholas Colvin colvin at dvida.net
Tue Oct 21 06:05:24 CEST 2003

I don't really get the 'use Pd only to create the logo' mentality (and
really, is that even possible?). Sure screen caps, but that's still got
to be cleaned up somewhere. 

Anyways, you raise a more interesting point: we all win.  Is there
someway to allow the user to pick from a range of icons on install?
Sorry, not familiar with the process, so it might be more trouble than
it's worth, but I think that might be a nice solution (and be very in
line with Pd philosophy; of course, we could also just have an icon
repository with instructions on how to set the icon for oneself).


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no logo!

use pd only to design a logo otherwise it's too ugly

pd courier font in a bang or an object is great

in my opinion every logo designer should design for himself but the 
public version should be basic ascii stuff

no contest (we all won)

the pure-data.org design isn't so bad in a way

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