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X. J. Scott xjscott at earthlink.net
Tue Oct 21 07:56:21 CEST 2003

on 10/20/03 9:23 PM, Nicholas Colvin wrote:

> I like your design, but I'm not sure about attaching too much meaning to
> it. I like to think of Pd as a blank slate, with no preconceptions. I do
> not agree with some that the icon needs to be as bare and uninviting as
> the interface of the program, but attaching too much symbolism may cloud
> perception.
> Anyways, I've attached a slight variation of one of your modified,
> rectangular yin/yang. I removed the color, for just the reasons above
> and to give it a more neutral look
> Nicholas

Hi Nicholas,

Thanks! That's an elegant b&w rendition.

I'm attaching a slight mod for your consideration -- extending the outer
frame a tiny bit I think brings it together a tiny bit more while still
maintaining your pure negative symmetry insight within the frame itself.

Also including how it looks downsampled and antialiased at 128 width.

Of course I like my color ones as well!


Regarding the symbolism, many designs and works have symbolism. True,
I went ahead and described some of what I was thinking there but I
didn't mean to suggest that the symbolism has to come as a packaged
set and be promoted with the icon -- the symbolism can just be
there in the background, tranquilly awaiting discovery or nondiscovery.
I don't believe that its existence detracts from the design
itself merely by being symbolic.

Some examples that come to mind are novels like "Animal Farm" by George
Orwell, and "Alice's Adventures Through the Looking Glass" by Lewis Carroll.
Also the librettos of various otherwise silly Baroque operas, or the plays
of Shakespeare. All these have a level at the surface of a straightforward
enjoyable story. But there is also something deeper too and the deeper
things don't take anything away.


- Jeff

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