[PD] Newbie with some questions (notably [block~ 1])

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Oct 22 19:11:48 CEST 2003

Claudius Maximus hat gesagt: // Claudius Maximus wrote:

> Is there a list of objects which do not behave in a
> continuous way as you decrease the block size below
> 64?  

I *think*, but I'm not that sure and cannot test currently, that all
message passing is limited to the 64 samples minimum. To get faster,
you will need to resort to signal connections or the time tagged
triggers from iemlib.

> > I don't know an object that opens files in bin-mode,
> > but it could be
> > written as an external.
> I do not have a Windows C compiler.  I need to 
> investigate whether there are any freely available,
> can you recommend one?

I don't have a Windows C compiler, too. I don't even have Windows. :)
Now, I think, that only Visual C++ from MS is able to compile Pd on
Windows. This might not be valid for externals, though.

> [set $1 $2( -> "set aardvark sawtooth" when I feed it 
> a pair of symbols "aardvark sawtooth".  But when I 
> try to put a "-" instead of the space between the 
> variables:
> [set $1-$2( -> "set aardvark-$2" instead of 
> "set aardvark-sawtooth".  A problem.
> Are there prizes awarded for finding bugs?  I would 
> like my prize to be an umbrella - I need to go to 
> the post office but it's raining.

No umbrella, sorry: $x only works if it's at the begining of the
identifier. So $x-name is okay, name-$x is not.

> A solution to the waveform selection problem is:
> [route sawtooth square ...]
>  |       |       ...     |   
>  |
> [trigger bang]
>  |
>  |
> [symbol $0-sawtooth]
>  |
>  |
> [set $1(
>  |
>  |
> [whatever wants to read the array]

Here's an alternative:

[select sawtooth square ...]
 |       |       ...     |   
[set $1(                [ print Unknown_Waveform]
[whatever wants to read the array]

Another thing to think about here, is if it is possible to put all
common behaviour into an abstraction. If most of the sound generation
seems to be the same, except the different table contents, you might
want to put the table content into a file ( tablename write/read
somename.txt) and use an abstraction argument to select the waveform

Just a suggestion. 

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