[PD] logo or icon?? (my opinion)

Andrey Savitsky a.savitsky at hhtp.org
Thu Oct 23 13:11:20 CEST 2003

I agree with Marc
> if the logos and icons are designed to be impressive, there's a
> high risk that a bunch of clueless newbies will complain about pd's look.
> So we should keep it simple, to the extreme. We love screen captures...

How i see, now there is a choice between logo in Macromedia's style (021 -
this is the best from 007-021) and pure screencapture style (022-030).

#021 has very nice design, but i'm not sure that pd needs logo like this. I
very like modern graphic design, but if a designer creates the logo like
021, he expresses
just one idea - "we are contemporary!", but pd needs its own message and

I think pd already has its own graphical style, embodied in classical
(historical) logo - we can just type "Pd" in a object or message box : )

All now pd needs (i repeat) is a mythology. This purpose is usually reached
by any illustration for a splash screen or some graphic stuff in additives
to logo (maybe original graphic design for the installation package).

And icon is just icon on the desctop. i use my selfmade icons without
pd-logo for example (see attch).
If you would like to create a logo, don't begin from an icon, begin from a
legend!!! (than maybe 021 will be best... or 010... or 007. than everything
will change)

best regards,


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