[PD] Problems starting PD In OSX

Umiachi umiachi at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 24 09:52:47 CEST 2003

I took the advice of those here only to discover all
copies of 0.37 involve me going into my terminal and
using "./configure" to get the application executable.

I decided to regress to version .36 and got it to
load, but recieved this message upon first open


[12-224-175-158:~] enon% /Applications/Pd.command;
could not open midi input device number 1: Invalid
device ID.
using default input device number: 0
using default output device number: 2
nchan 2, flags 3, bufs 8, framesperbuf 256
realtime setting failed because not root


This doesn't sound good. Can somebody translate this
form me?

I'd like to explore .37, could somebody used to
installing it on OSX be kind enough to contact me
privately for assistance? I'd be most appreciative.

btw - I'm using a M-audio quattro.

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