[PD] official Pd package (Miller!)

shreeswifty bigswift at ufl.edu
Fri Oct 24 15:26:41 CEST 2003

i must say i never put pd in program files because of the space. i always
put it right on C:\ but that might be unneeded now

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> hi miller,
> i typed "c:\pd" as extraction-path (the self-extracting pd package for
> windows from your site) and it extracted it to "c:\pd\pd"
> this is not the way we are used on windows, could you please correct
> this.
> or

Yes, this breaks with the past, but I think this is the way things
should go.  Pd should be made to behave like a native app on each
platform.  On Windows, programs are installed in Program Files, so Pd
should be also.

> if this is intentional (also for long term), let me know and i mention
> it in my (upcoming) tutorial that it extracts to a folder named "Pd"
> inside the path what you type in the extraction path.
With Miller's 0.37 installer and my 0.37 installer, you don't need to
know where to put Pd in order to install it.  Both installers
automatically install into a default location.  I don't remember, is
your tutorial online somewhere?  It would great to have in on


> thank you
> -andre
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