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> On Friday, Oct 24, 2003, at 06:48 America/New_York, huolong at arcor.de 
> wrote:
> > hi miller,
> >
> > i typed "c:\pd" as extraction-path (the self-extracting pd package for 
> > windows from your site) and it extracted it to "c:\pd\pd"
> >
> > this is not the way we are used on windows, could you please correct 
> > this.
> >
> > or
> >
> Yes, this breaks with the past, but I think this is the way things 
> should go.  Pd should be made to behave like a native app on each 
> platform.  On Windows, programs are installed in Program Files, so Pd 
> should be also.

i could disagree.
because pd is launched and configured from commandline, typing:
c:\pd\bin\pd.exe -path c:\pd\externs -lib foo
is easier than typing:
"c:\program files\pd\bin\pd.exe" -path "c:\program files\pd\externs" -lib foo
so, spaces in file/directory names are a pain in the ass when using commandline... 


what i ment, the millers installer doesnt show the whole path where it installs !

when an installer of some app asks where to install, i say "C:\Program Files\thenameoftheprogram" it will be installed to "C:\Program Files\thenameoftheprogram"

but, with millers installer it ask where to install, i say "C:\Program Files\Pd" and it installs to "C:\Program Files\Pd\Pd"

got it ?

> > if this is intentional (also for long term), let me know and i mention 
> > it in my (upcoming) tutorial that it extracts to a folder named "Pd" 
> > inside the path what you type in the extraction path.
> >
> With Miller's 0.37 installer and my 0.37 installer, you don't need to 
> know where to put Pd in order to install it.  Both installers 
> automatically install into a default location.  

yes, thats the case in allmost any programm. but how does the user know where to find the program after the installation when the installer shows it installs in "C:\Program Files" but in real case it installls in "C:\Program Files\Pd". the installer didn say/show its installed in directory "pd" under "drive:\yourselectedpath" and on most windows machine the "program files" directory is quite full, so the user could loose his nerves searching it (worsts case senario)

but, it's a good thing that pd is ALLWAYS installed to a sub-directory named "Pd", but the user MUST be informed about that during installation.

>I don't remember, is 
> your tutorial online somewhere?  It would great to have in on 
> pure-data.org.

it's not ready yet, but my intention/inspiration is to put it (only) on pure-data.org

i'll probably do an html version for reading online/screen and a pdf version for print...


> .hc
> > thank you
> > -andre
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