[PD] gem renderchain question..

doktorp doktorp at mac.com
Sun Oct 26 06:31:52 CET 2003


I have a quick question regarding gem and its renderchain.

I have a patch : ( http://homepage.mac.com/doktorp/vade.tar.gz ) that 
im expermineting with. very rudimentary.. forgive me =X

im using send and receive13 to bounce gem renderchains through 
filters/effects. or, I was attempting to do that.

If I have a pix_filmYUV object that is being sent out, say, pix_one,

and then I have a pix_texture2 object thats displaying it via a (msg) 
'pix_one' -> 'prepend set' ->receive13 -> 'rectangle 4 3'

(this is all a bit more clear in the patch).

I can see the image just fine. now: if I set ANOTHER effect, say 
pix_blur, to only RECEIVE pix_one (and not set the destination to 
explicitly SHOW the output from pix_blur (namely 1_blur is the name of 
the output),

*I still see the blur effect on pix_one, even though the pix_blur is 
not connected to the output*

Im sure this is how GEM defaults, but not how im used to working (with 

is there a way to separate (yes I tried the separate object, that only 
works for translations -documentation..) these renderchains. 
essentially id like to have just one destination and be able to set up 
a filterchain by connecting a few of these things together, and just 
toggling the output.

sorry to bother you with this but im confused as to how the renderchain 
actually works.

thanks for any information and comments about the patch.

I want to do things as efficiently as possible.



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