[PD] os x gem fullscreen

doktorp doktorp at mac.com
Sun Oct 26 15:53:12 CET 2003

I have gotten the offset to work, and forced gem to make an 800/600 
window and have my second monitor at that setting. if I offset it just 
right it seemed to work.

but using the second monitor flag and the fullscreen one would 
consitantly crash me. =(

its best to init the settings before you create and start rendering 
(with using the offset).
otherwise it seems to get unstable for me =\


On Oct 26, 2003, at 6:37 AM, Ralf Baecker wrote:

> hi there,
> i'm new to the pd and gem thing. so my first problem/question is, if 
> it is possible to get the gem windows fullscreen on a second display? 
> i tried some messages... but most of them didn't work. like 
> "fullscreen 1" ,i also tried to move it with a "x offset -1024" on the 
> other screen...
> thanx,
> ralf
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