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Sun Oct 26 19:46:33 CET 2003

Quoting zmoelnig at iem.at:

> [pix_videoYUV]: normally [pix_video] should produce RGBA (values) (but
> it might
> produce RGB only, which i'll have to check). on macOS you could use
> [pix_videoYUV] to get YUV-video, but this really should go into
> [pix_video] + a
> [colorspace( message. but of course i cannot really discourage the use
> of this,
> as long as there are no alternatives...
the current pix_video in CVS does accept a 'colorspace' message on OSX.  'r' is
ARGB and 'y' is YUV.  after setting this message the capture components have to
be reloaded by sending a 'reset' message to pix_video.  this is also the same
procedure for resizing using the 'dimen x y' message.  the reason for this
somewhat odd functionality is that it reduces the risk of crashes while trying
to change decompressor components in the middle of the decompression sequence.

there will be a doc, tutorial and/or help file sometime this week for pix_video
on OSX.


> so basically, this is a todo-list for developers ;-)
> mfg.ad.sf
> IOhannes

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