[PD] os x gem fullscreen

shreeswifty bigswift at ufl.edu
Sun Oct 26 23:29:50 CET 2003

i kno wthis sounds funny but i just turn mirroring on 
and put all my patches on monitor2 and project monitor1
but maybe i am assuming you want to send 2 screens?

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I really thought I was going insane here...

nice to know I still have my sanity hehe.

tiBook 800, 10.3 (7b85), 1gig ram

ati rage m7 (32 mb ram), 1280x854

ill send crash logs if you want.

so any ideas about the patch though? =X =X +X. sorry to be annoying!


On Oct 26, 2003, at 4:43 PM, cgc at humboldtblvd.com wrote:

> Oh I think I see what's happening.  On 7b85 creating the secondscreen 
> won't
> allow you to get the focus back to the patcher window.  I don't recall 
> this
> happening in 7b74 and it definitely isn't the case in Jag.  It's very 
> likely
> tcl/tk is at fault here, but it could be a change in the windowmanager 
> or GL
> code as well.  I'll see what I can find out about this problem.  Just 
> to narrow
> things down - what hardware are you using?
> It should be noted that OSX development is only focused on 10.2 right 
> now
> although testing is ongoing with 10.3.  This is the first problem (and 
> it's very
> recent) that has cropped up with 10.3 since the very early seeds like 
> 7a202.
> Quoting doktorp <doktorp at mac.com>:
>> Hmm
>> maybe its a panther thing? Ive been running 7b85 for a while. Id 
>> always
>> set the toggle for secondscreen $1  and then hit 'create'
>> no joy, but I havent tried it for a while. ill try again later.
>> and btw, I tried the pix_separate to split the gem renderchain but
>> nothing changed at all. same issue as before.
>> All I did however was replace the 'separate' object with pix_separate,
>> in my patch..
>> is there any special 'architecture'/patch setup that needs to be done?
>> sorry for dragging this out but im a bit confused.
>> thanks for all the help again
>> -dok

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