[PD] pdp, pidip, gridflow compile for win?

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Wed Oct 29 19:38:35 CET 2003


i"m sorry, this is more effort for us to port PDP/PiDiP
to that clumsy system that for you to install
a small linux partition.

all we are saying is 'give linux a chance'...


ps : seriously, PDP/PiDiP is based on unix concepts and libs
and it would need a serious rewrite to work on windows.
not in my plans, furthermore, by choice,
i just don't want to boot on windows.

florian grassl wrote:

>i would love to use pdp, pidip and gridfllow but i am running pd on win xp.
>are there any plans to make them work on win? (please,please,please)
>if not, will editing the header files be enough to compile for win?
>or is there more stuff i have to watch out?
>since i cannot really write c, i got kind of lost with it.
>any help is highly appreciated. thank you all.

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