[PD] pdp, pidip, gridflow compile for win?

Tom Schouten doelie at zzz.kotnet.org
Wed Oct 29 16:26:01 CET 2003

hi flo,

if i't going to happen, it won't be for tomorrow. but i'm not opposed to
the idea. porting the processing core shouldn't be too difficult, just
like it is done on mac, but it's going to be more work because win is not
so unixy as osx..

but, since thomas is showing some interest. who knows :)
for one, i can't do it alone. i know jack about win programming..



On Wed, 29 Oct 2003, florian grassl wrote:

> hello,
> i would love to use pdp, pidip and gridfllow but i am running pd on win xp.
> are there any plans to make them work on win? (please,please,please)
> if not, will editing the header files be enough to compile for win?
> or is there more stuff i have to watch out?
> since i cannot really write c, i got kind of lost with it.
> any help is highly appreciated. thank you all.
> flo
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