[PD] how to stop windows from growing (by 2 pixels)

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Thu Oct 30 10:46:16 CET 2003

hi Miller,

please add

         -highlightthickness 1 \

after line 661 of the pd.tk file.  This will stop windows users
getting their patch windows grow with every save.

Alternatively, try

#ifdef MSW
#define VERTBORDER 4

in g_canvas.c (not tested, though, since I prefer the former, more
general way).

This is plain simple --

when I send "query .^.c config -highlightthickness" to a [tot .],
on linux I get

-highlightthickness highlightThickness HighlightThickness 1 1

while on windows it is

-highlightthickness highlightThickness HighlightThickness 2 2


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