[PD] OSC begginer,havent seen any help

Adrian deCleir 0031259 at student.ul.ie
Thu Oct 30 19:57:30 CET 2003

> sorry about this but Im a real begginer with pd and OSC , I just want to
> perform the simple task of sending a note or numbers or anything to myself
> using OSC, after that I'll move on to sending it to other pcs on the LAN, 
> I've went through the patches and stuff shich werent much help as I dont
> fully understand what to do.
> My question is where do I start , from scratch that is, as in how do I
> find out what port to use or what IP address, Im pretty sure I know what
> IP address to use as its written already in my network connection
> settings, 
> And by the way I do know what each object does but I dont know how to
> implement it, even just to send a message to mysel so I'd have an
> understanding of the basics
> cheers for any help
> Adrian
> ps I've looked through past posts

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