[PD] i had a dream ...

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Sat Nov 1 20:43:37 CET 2003

redhat runs on ppc. probably the easiest to start with. however, the 
wonderful PlanetCCRMA packages are made for i686 architecture, so you 
will be back to compiling your critical audio apps yourself if there 
isn't a standard Red Hat PPC package for it [such as Jack, Ardour, 
probably also no PD with Jack capabilties, etc etc].
yellowdog is specific for PPC, but i don't know much about it...
gentoo is supposed to be great for PPCs, if you have some time on your 
hands for configuration. but gentoo has a live, bootable OS cdrom for 
PPC you can download to try out first.

good luck!

ben at ekran.org wrote:

>Whats the best choice for linux PPC? Does redhat run on PPC?

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