[PD] Re: gem

IOhannes zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.kug.ac.at
Mon Nov 3 09:21:50 CET 2003

i move this thread to the pd-list (which you should become member of, if 
you are not already), because that is normally the place to ask such 
questions (esp. when comparing machines/systems, the large community has 
much more knowledge than a single person could ever have)

boris.vol at free.fr wrote:
> Hello, thanks very mutch
> i practice gem on pure data and i like that !
> it's great.
> but i 've a questio again :
> - how with gem we output to an external monitor ?

that depends on what your "external monitor" is.
if you have a multi-headed gfx-card, you could use you window-manager 
(grab the window and drag it to the 2nd monitor) or a combination of 
"offset" "dimen" and "border" messages (before creating the gem-window) 
to put the window whereever you like (for instance: onto the 2nd 
if you have an expensive video-editing card with TV-out i have to say, 
sorry, no way to do it (yet).

> - what is the best platform for using pd with gem ?
> linux, windows xp, winnt ?
depends on what you are doing.
i guess nt is a not so good choice, since lot's of "multimedia devices" 
are not really supported on the platform any more.
on xp i could only start a flame-war...
personally i use linux, but ...
on mac G4/G5 you have probably the best performance, esp. if you want to 
do image-processing rather than 3D-rendering (which, with a decent 
gfx-card/driver should be quite the same on all platforms)

> my prossesor is 1,7 Gh is ok for using pd and gem with vidéo ?

should be fine. buy more memory ;-)


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