[PD] grow decrease numbers

vanDongen/Gilcher gml at xs4all.nl
Mon Nov 3 12:12:59 CET 2003

I think this should work.

Use the [<] object and a [float] to store the previous value and a 
[trigger f f b] to 
1st send the content of [float] to the right inlet of [<]
2nd send the number your checking to the left inlet of [<]
3rd send this number to the right inlet of [float] to store it for the next 

Sorry not to send a patch, I am not in my studio right now.


On Sunday 02 November 2003 23:54, noskule wrote:
> hi list
> i'm shure there's a way to build a patch that  gives a "1" if numbers are
> growing and a "0" if there decrease .. . ....i just dident find out jet .
> ..dos anyone have a suggestion .. ..
> thanx nos

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