[PD] pidip 0.12.10 startup -> can't load library

oliver.wolf at hgkz.net oliver.wolf at hgkz.net
Mon Nov 3 19:40:36 CET 2003

pidip 0.12.10 compiled good, make too but
starting pidip got the message:
libmp3lame.so.0 not found
so i linked the libmp3lame.so.0 from /usr/lib/ to /usr/local/lib were it actually is!
afterwards received:
/home/olsen/pd/libs/pidip.pd_linux: /home/olsen/pd/libs/pidip.pd_linux: undefined symbol: quicktime_close
/home/olsen/pd/libs/pidip: can't load library
hmm - any idea around?
I'm on the way with ImageMagick-5.5.7

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