[PD] maudio quattro freezes pd

Marc Widmer metafor at gmx.net
Mon Nov 3 18:52:09 CET 2003

hi tim

it seems to work. it tried the PDX7 from frank barknecht
and it's working. nice.

was it not working because pd-0-37-0 uses alsa in a different
way? will this be fixed?

;) thx

Tim Blechmann wrote:

>>i try to get the m-audio quattro interface working in
>>pd. outside pd it seems to work ok. oss via xmms
>>is working and also aplay does his duty.
>>when i test signal i'm able to hear the sinus-sound,
>>but as soon as i play around in pd, like changing
>>the latency, the computer totally freezes, i can not
>>even reboot with "ctrl+alt+del".
>>i remarked, that on my laptop (quattro is working here)
>>i can change the sounddevices in the "media" tab.
>>oss/alsa/jack, but on my desktop-pc there is no such thing.
>>it seems that it's using oss, at least that's what i see in the
>>"audio settings". pd should be compiled with alsa.
>>has anybody experienced anything similar with
>>this soundcard?
>try alsa 0.9.2 ... it's the only one i got working ... and it's only working
>with 0.36. pd 0.37 doesn't support the asoundrc file any more ... and the
>oss interface is working only with 2 channels ... i haven't got jack working,
>so that might work better ...
>i hope the alsa/quattro/pd interface will improve, soon...
>take care ... tim 

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