[PD] open/closing patch

Luke Yelavich luke at audioslack.com
Mon Nov 3 22:09:50 CET 2003

At 06:55 AM 4/11/2003, Frank Barknecht wrote:
>I'd be interested in how the live performers here handle this.  What
>do you do when you have to play for several hours? Do you just use one
>large patch with loads of abstractions that get [switch]ed on and off?

In the past, I have had to play for 20 minutes. Mind you this was with 2 
keyboards and a MIDI controller. Pd was just the core of the performance, 
controlling sound volume, accompanyment playback, and also a click track 
for others that I was playing with. Unfortunately I don't have the patch 
any more as stated earlier, due to a hard disk crash, but from memory, I 
used the pgrmin object from one of my controllers to adjust various 
elements of the MIDI routing somehow.

I may be trying to do the same thing soon, so if anybody is interested, I 
will post the patch.

Luke Yelavich
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