[PD] gfx card question

ben at ekran.org ben at ekran.org
Thu Nov 6 21:30:10 CET 2003

ATI support comes from the DRI community, not from ATI itself. Nvidia
provides drivers and develops it themselves. The drivers are not GPL.
Can't run accellerated nvidia without the nvidia drivers. The nvidia
drivers do let you do video output, the ATI drivers do not.

So ATI is better supported by the linux community
but Nvidia provides even better support themselves.

All depends on if you want video out, and what GPl means to you.


>> If you want to use Gem you should get an vidia card (*all* features
>> well supported under linux) if you just use XP ATIs are nicer, but no
>> video output under linux)
> Really?  I thought ATI radions were the best supported linux cards.  is
> this not true?
> also, they come in versions without a gpu fan if you interested in
> making a quiet computer.
> -august.

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