[PD] Re: compiling vasp

Thomas Grill t.grill at gmx.net
Fri Nov 7 19:04:25 CET 2003

i've found two independent things:

- static build: For the statically linked vasp external the wrong flext
library was specified in the makefile. The fix will be reflected in the cvs
by tomorrow.
- shared build: The shared flext libraries will be installed into the (e.g.)
/usr/local/lib/pd/flext folder with the headers and the static libraries.
For them to be found by the dynamic linker, the folder has to be added to
the linker path, e.g. by adding it to /etc/ld.so.conf. I added a note to the
flext readme.txt file. I'm also open for suggestions where these flext
shared libraries should reside. Please note that this is still considered an
experimental feature, although i have personally used it for months without
severe problems. Problems can arise when flext externals compiled with
different flext versions are mixed - it's best to rebuild all used flext
externals with the same flext version... i've yet to see how to deal with
API changes and version numbers of the shared libraries.

best greetings,

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Subject: compiling vasp

> hi thomas & list,
> i tried to compile vasp, (compiling works fine), but i can't load the
> library:
> libflext.so: cannol open shared object file: No such file or directory
> i'm a bit confused, because i had this problem with gcc and icc, and
> both statically and dynamically linked... the other flext externals are
> working, too...
> i won't have the possibility to update the cvs ... any ideas? thomas,
> would it be possible that you have a look at the makefiles?
> take care...
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