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Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri Nov 7 18:53:49 CET 2003

Stefan Tiedje hat gesagt: // Stefan Tiedje wrote:

> Frank Barknecht wrote:
> >or looking into /usr/lib/pd/extra/ (another argument
> >against external libraries, btw.)
> > 
> >
> As an old Maxer I still don't know how to look into /usr/lib/pd/extra/ 
> (I mean without commandline) because I can't find them on my Powerbook 
> though they must be there. Definitely something to put into a FAQ for OS X

A commandline-less alternative would be to use someting like: 
[bang(->[openpanel /usr/...] but unfourtunatly openpanel doesn't allow
setting the initial directory this way (or another). I'd think that
this would be a cool function, btw. 

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