[PD] PIDIP configure confusion

Brad KLIGERMAN bekligg at club-internet.fr
Sat Nov 8 14:40:42 CET 2003

Thanks to everyone who helped me out. I finally got PD, PDP & PIDIP 
compiled and running. Now the hard part begins-- I have to get back to 


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Brad KLIGERMAN wrote:

> Hi all/
> I've searched the list for solutions but haven't found the answers to 
> these 2 problems concerning Pidip:
> 1> I use the following paths in the _configure.ac_
> PD_DIR=/usr/lib/pd
> PDP_DIR=/usr/include/pdp
> FFMPEG_SOURCE_DIR=/usr/bin/ffmpeg
> but I'm not sure about the PDP directory... does it want a PD 
> directory reference, or the directory where I happened to find some 
> PDP files? Same for FFMPEG, where there is also a reference in 
> /bin/local... I'm confused.
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