[PD] Newbie tcp/ip

Guillermo Acevedo ga368 at nyu.edu
Sun Nov 9 23:51:31 CET 2003

Thank you
That makes perfect sense.

I hate to be the never ending problem maker but how would I send an EOL?  a number 13?


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Hi Guillermo,
You probably have to append a EOL indicator to the end of the messages you're 
sending. Otherwise proce55ing starts receiving data as a message but doesn't 
know where or when it ends and just keeps on receiving, thinking that it's 
still receiving the first message.

So what you do is use pack to pack everything into one unit (where the EOL 
stuff is the last element) then use a send message connected to netsend with 
a $ for each element in the pack, so it might look something like this:

send $1 $2 $3

Now this is all based on the assumption that I'm recalling everything 
correctly. I was trying to send something from a pd netsend to a pd 
flashserver recently and I think that's how I eventually got it to work.


Pall Thayer

On Sunday 09 November 2003 19:13, Guillermo Acevedo wrote:
> Hello oh great and wise list
> I am a newbie to PD (using the latest PD extended windows version on win2k)
> and I'm trying to get PD to talk to Proce55ing (alpha 67). I'm using the
> netsend object, but cant seem to make it work.
> I know that netsend actually connects to a server, the server acknowledges
> the connection, but then never recieves any of the numbers netsend sends
> it. I sniffed the connection with ethereal and saw that PD is not sending
> actual TCP IP packets but NDPS (Novell Distributed Print System) packets.
> So, any idea what I'm doing wrong?
> any suggestions?
> Thanks
> Guillermo
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