[PD] recording to soundfiles with Pd

matthew jones M.Jones at signal.qinetiq.com
Mon Nov 10 13:54:14 CET 2003

best solution would probably be, if you're under windows as you hinted at,
running cool edit (or nuendo?) using a directX driver for that.  I seem to
be able to run directX programs at the same time as pd (which uses the ASIO
driver) so there should be no problem here.

if you want to use pd, isn't there a [writesf~ ] object or something?
hope this at least prompts you in the right direction...


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I would like to record some pieces performed with Pure Data to sound files.

I have Pure Data, Nuendo and an Hammerfall sound card.
The whole recording process must be internal to the computer (no DA->AD
conversions, for example). I have found 2 recording methods but none of
work ...

* Using the soundfiler object in Pd
Soundfiler writes the data of an array to a soundfile, therefore I have to
record the sound to arrays (working like tracks) before converting the
to soundfiles.

Unfortunately my pieces last about 10 minutes, so I will obviously have a

I know that in Max/MSP, you can record directly to the hard disk. Isn't it
possible with Pure Data ?
Or should I use an external that does this (under Windows for this session)

* Using Nuendo and the RME Hammerfall
Seems to be a better solution, but as I'm quite new to the ASIO technology
previous sound card, Yamaha DSP Factory, had its own driver technology), I
didn't get it work ...

When I run both Nuendo and Pd, all sounds are shut off ; Pd was launched
only 2 asio tracks
Obviously an ASIO problem

Maybe it would be possible to route the ASIO tracks of Pd to 2 other asio
tracks, but I don't know howto, even using the Matrix view of the Hammerfall

Is there a solution ? Maybe a Jack-like routing program ?

Thanks a lot

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