[PD] table editing software

Johannes Taelman j0 at advalvas.be
Mon Nov 10 14:37:56 CET 2003


I'm looking for a feature-rich program to draw and edit data (perhaps in 
non-realtime) to load into arrays in pd. I'm looking for following 
* user-definable time ruler
* user-definable value grids
* zoom-in, zoom-out in the gui
* possibility to draw free-hand and smooth curves
* possibility to view/edit multiple tracks aligned in time
* cut,copy, paste selections
One possibilty is to use a wave editor, but they're mostly not designed 
for sample-level-editing and they restrict values to -1..1. It's ok if 
it writes floating-point wave files. The purpose is to design tables 
that contain pitche- and amplitude-envelopes of a whole sequence. This 
is to avoid the event-based nature of sequencers, and get something more 

Any hints?


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