[PD] Using iemlib as a filter

Melissa Corso melissa_corso at lycos.com
Mon Nov 10 19:21:21 CET 2003

I'm trying to apply different types of filters to speech.  I know there are basic filters (lop, hop) available in PD but there is 
also iemlib. What are the limitations of the filters in PD or the advantages of iemlib? I have created the pd_start.bat file yet was unable to find documentation for "absolute beginners" in iemlib. Does anyone know how to access this sort of information? 
I want to implent a "real-time" band-reject filter. Thus there will be an adc~ and a dac~ with in between those two the filter with adjustable low-pass and high-pass cut-off frequencies. Other than that, the only other functionality that I need is for the cut-off 
frequencies to be adjusted in pre-determined ways at certain points in time (either by PD changing the values after a given number of seconds or by PD changing the values in response to incoming midi/sysex messages). Iemlib offers many filters but we do not know how to actually use them in our application (for example just creating an object and 
then typing the filter name with the ~ in that box does not work --there are no in and out connections from the adc~ and to the dac~ and the box appears as a comment box to PD rather than as an 
object -- so it looks like that is not how it should be done.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



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