[PD] pure-data.org: one more time 2night

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Wed Nov 12 02:12:21 CET 2003

so, as you might see from the release of Particlechamber on the website, 
i managed to hack my way in without a tutorial ;-)

my next main concern is much smaller, but still important:

the text field which describes each patch in the community patches 
section gets quite large in the overview of all the patches. people who 
write semi-long descriptions [maybe like myself] create a lot of 
eye-clutter in the list there. maybe it would be a good idea to either 
truncate the desciptions in the list there, or to have a seperate, 
character-limited "summary" field.

thx to all who worked on it so far! it looks and works great on the whole!


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