[PD] playing sample backwards using line object?

enrike enrike at altern.org
Fri Nov 14 16:22:13 CET 2003

hi all

I know its probably stupid thing but I need to play a sample backwards 
using the line object to read from a table and I dont understand what i 
am doing wrong.

To play forward i pass, for example, this message to the line~ object
1, 4.41e+008 1e+007
and its fine, the whole sound plays

i pass this message
44100, 0 1000

and it plays backwards 1 sec but, whats the realation between this and 
the previous message, i mean i supose i need to pass something like this
4.41e+008, 1 1e+007

to play 2 secs backwards on normal frequency. But it doesnt sound at all.
THen i realised that if i do this :
1, 44100 1000
44100, 1 1000
it works fine both backwards and forward.

And so my problem is that i dont understand what this mean: 1e+007

could anyone explain little bit the meaning of the numbers like 1e+007 
or 4.41e+008 to the ones of us that   dont have a good understanding of 

thank you very much!

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