[PD] problem with a mic

jose manuel berenguer jmbeal at telefonica.net
Sat Nov 15 14:31:47 CET 2003

hello David

two days ago, I had some problems related to iMic by Griffin. they 
hadn't any thing to do with audio. when plugging two USB cameras and 
the iMic into the computer, one of the cameras was never received. 
when iMic was unplugged, the two cameras worked fine.

some people has reported other problems related to iMic. I suspect 
that this iMic thing causes conflicts in the system.

this happens to you only after plugging the microphone into the iMic 
or, more generally, when the iMic is plugged into the computer's USB 
connector? have you tried plugging some line signal? have you tried 
what happens if you launch other audio applications?


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