[PD] framestein - docking mutiple frames ?...

stotz oliver at klingt.org
Sat Nov 15 18:32:06 CET 2003

hi juha, list...

i tried in vain to apply Framestein's example patch "drag and drop" onto a
normal pd-patch (to load audio files via drag and drop). the problem was that
after copy-pasting the framestein objects into my pd-patch, the frames were not
dockable anymore. 

(the same goes of course for the vice-cersa-process, i.e. to copy paste the
audio stuff into the "drag and drop" example patch of framestein.)

i also didn't succeed in creating multiple "framed" objects that would work in
docking mode. after closing and reopening they just appear outside the
patcher-window and don't accept the "dock xyz" command anymore.

am i doing something wrong ? did anybody face similar problems ?

thanx for any hint


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