[PD] latency

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Nov 17 10:13:53 CET 2003

Luke Yelavich hat gesagt: // Luke Yelavich wrote:

> At 11:50 AM 17/11/2003, guenter geiger wrote:
> >Yes, exactly. For the JACK case this is needed, otherwise the jackd would
> >kick pd out of its chain. We only "fool" JACK into making it believe that
> >we can meet the deadlines in all circumstances, while in reality we can't.
> Could anything be done to improve this? Or would this also mean other major 
> rewrites elsewhere?

I'd love it to have a kind of Low-Latency-TODO-list for everyone to
work on.

And what about dsp externals? They shouldn't be allowed non-reatime
safe taskes inside their signal functions as well, should they? 

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